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Forum Rules

Primary rules
1. Do not spam threads, posts, or ratings.
  • Posting consecutively.
  • Posting without reason.
  • Rating for no reason.
  • Rating posts older than six weeks. (Links in to rule 9.)
2. Do not flame or troll.
  • Trying to provoke arguments or rage.
  • Discrimination against another user through race, religion, or medical history.
3. Do not post off topic.
  • Anything unrelated to the main topic or discussion
  • Pointless or unmeaningful posts.
4. Do not shitpost.
  • Contributing nothing to the thread.
  • Posting nothing positive without methods of improvement.
5. Do not post with a single image, quote, word, or video.
  • This does not apply to threads devoted to sharing videos/images.
6. Do not post nude/pornographic/shock images.
  • Self explanatory.
7. Do not post any form of community drama.
  • Especially “Cringiest X” threads. Take it elsewhere.
8. Do not derail threads.
  • Changing the topic of conversation from the original post.
  • Do not initiate or participate in thread derailment.
  • Adding “On Topic:” doesn’t always stop derailment, think twice before posting something.
9. Do not bump topics more than 30 days old.
  • This does not apply to the Plugins and Support Desk questions.
10. Do not slander.
  • Damaging a user’s reputation or image without valid and or legitimate evidence.
  • Photos and videos tend to work well as evidence.
  • If you’re going to criticize another community, back it up with screenshots, logs, or other forms of proof.
11. Do not leak private/personal content/information.
  • You are free to release your own private content/information.
  • Do not encourage others to leak the private information of others.
12. Respect all users and communities.
  • Treat everyone with respect, kindness, and the way you wish to be treated.
  • Community bashing is moderated similarly to user bashing. Replace the name of the community with the name of a user, and see if your comment is appropriate.
13. Do not use inappropriate pictures as your avatar.
  • Disturbing images.
  • Porographic images.
14. Do not discuss one-on-one topics.
  • Use private messaging to resolve issues.
15. Do not create alternate accounts.
  • Using more than one forum account.
  • Using one to avoid a ban.
  • Using one to shit post.
  • Using one to break rules.
  • You only need one.
15.5. Do not use your account as a means for another to circumvent a ban.
  • Your account is yours only.
  • Guilt by association applies.
16. Do not backseat moderate.
  • If someone breaks a rule, report it and move on.
17. Do not advertise products from competition.
  • Anything that is not related to Lambda Wars, Vortal Storm or it’s affiliates is prohibited.
  • This does not apply to communities, refrain from mentioning the other product.
18. Do not have a name that...
  • Is a spam name such as “fx2ipqr” or “asd123f”
  • Uses your server's name, and/or your rank on said server. E.G. "[SERVERNAME-RANK]{name}"
  • Uses characters that aren't derived from a language. (English, Latin, Cyrillic, Japanese, etc.)
Expect to have your name changed if your name falls into the categories above.

19. No "exposing" threads.
  • This is not the place to air out your dirty laundry. Any community or personal drama is barred from general boards.
  • If you post an "X exposed" thread you will be banned regardless of how much you or your community has been wronged.
20. Do not post in the wrong section.
  • Actually read the rules thread of every section, and make sure that you're posting your support question, plugin request or release, map creation, or shitposty thread in the right section.
  • Failing to do so will result in your thread being deleted, and (depending on your offense) you being warned.
21. Use your common sense.